Choose your weapons

Firstly, a note to say thanks to everybody for their contributions so far. Fundraising for only 36 hours and we’ve raised nearly $600 which is huge. Those that have yet to donate and wish to do so, please visit here.

Secondly there have been several queries this week regarding what is and isn’t acceptable during the month of Movember. To clarify – YOU NEED TO GROW A MOUSTACHE. None of this grow a full face of facial hair so you look slightly less ridiculous then shaving all but your top lip on November 30th…from day 1 your cheeks and chin need to be bare and they need to stay that way. Remember, looking ridiculous is all part of the fun.

And finally, thirdly – for any Bite gentlemen struggling with exactly what their chosen muzzy design is going to be, i have included below a handy style guide. Be inspired and choose carefully:


Enjoy that last full shave tomorrow.

T-minus 1 day and counting


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