And they’re off…

The top lips of Bite gentlemen far and wide enjoyed their last contact with a razor blade for 30 days this weekend as the highly anticipated month of Movember got underway. We thought this presented the ideal opportunity to give you the inside track on the runners and riders in this years competition. A form guide, by office, can be found below:

Bite UK: Berry, xx, Salmon, Lambert, xx

Bite UK: (clockwise from top left) Berry, Lawal, Moorer, Lambert, Salmon

Bite UK: Although there are some question marks over exactly when members of the London office stopped shaving/started cheating it is unquestionably a strong opening. After only forty eight hours in the trenches UK team captain Tom Berry is already well on his way to cultivating the perfect Merv Hughes. But remember, two days does not a Movember make.

Bite NY: Walker, Mills, Basford, Mack

Bite NY: Walker, Mills, Basford, Mack

Bite New York: There could be one or two real contenders in this office. Mack, making a guest appearance on the East Coast, has already amassed more hair on his face than he has on his head while Mills is clearly smugly biding his time before sprouting really hits fifth gear. Basford and Fingers, however, are just hoping puberty kicks in sooner rather than later.

Bite SF: White, Clarke, McLernon

Bite SF: White, Clarke, McLernon

Bite SF: Already criticized for having a few star performers but lacking any real strength in depth, the West Coast has fielded a mixed bag for its opening shot. Matt McStache was shaving while still in the womb; Whitey has spent many years cultivating the perfect homeless look while Clarkey normally goes no more than a day without running a damp flannel across his face to get rid of any excess fluff. Watch these guys – there could be a potential all star in their midst.

Two days in, twenty-eight to go. Oh, don’t forget to donate – we have already hit $1,000…only $9,000 to go


4 responses to “And they’re off…

  1. Bite LA’s sole representative has a fledgling “horseshoe” mo in process too. Give it up.

  2. Send that pic on then Mr Danon. We will get it up on here – we are office agnostic in our promotional efforts and ridicule.

  3. You’ve also left off the infamous Will Willis. He’s blessed us with his presence in New York today, and while he’s not quite looking fearsome yet, I have no doubt that he shall end up as ridiculous as any.

    Let’s get a complete listing here, shall we?!

  4. Just to let you know that in honour of my ever-expanding Edwardian mo I have been sporting a three-piece suit in the office today. Clive thinks I look like a consultant surgeon.

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