Movember 4th Newsflash

First off, perusing reception’s magazine collection this morning i was delighted to see that Time Magazine had entered into the spirit of Movember with this cover…

time magazine

Time Mo'gazine

You really know a movement’s taken off when the biggest news magazine in the world chooses to deface a Wall Street bigwig in the name of charidee*

Secondly, I received this image via email this morning:


Dog Mo

The defacement of my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel calender in San Francisco has been a monthly tradition since i put it up in January. God bless the creative soul who added what appears to be a textured twirler to this fella.

Finally, i stumbled across this pic on Bite’s official Bitemarks blog earlier today:

lederer mo

Lederer Mo

Stateside, we’d like to offer our congrats to Tony. He has stayed under the radar in the run up to the competition but is clearly cultivating something quite special on that top lip – not to mention the fact that he adorned it to a PR awards ceremony. Unless, he’s actually not partaking in Movember and has been growing that caterpillar just for the helluvit. In which case, congrats on just being manly.

In fundraising news we’re holding steady at the 1K mark. That’s 10% of the target and 13% of the month gone. Dig deep and sponsor here.

*Note this issue of Time Magazine is actually nothing to do with Movember. Something about why everyone hates Wall Street. Just thought it fitted nicely with the theme


One response to “Movember 4th Newsflash

  1. Photojournalism at its finest.

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