Global Mo Update

As we enter the second week of Movember, no doubt you’re all wondering how Tash’s are progressing across Bite’s respective geographies. As expected, the packs are separating into the mens men and the boys boys. To allow easy evaluation of muzzy development we have included day zero pics alongside today’s (day 11). In some cases, it’s not easy to spot the difference.

A office by office account of progress can be found below. If you have yet to donate, we would hugely grateful if you could support the brits here and the yanks here on their respective quests for crumb catchers.

Bite New York

(Attempted) handlebar is clearly the theme on the East coast as Walker and Mills (middle) have both opted to try and grow hairy droopers. Basford has gone for a slightly more fashionable trimmed jonny depp effort while Willis (bottom) got bored and shaved his off yesterday for being too “mossy”. Will will probably be the only man to have grown two mustaches for charity this month

NY Week 2

Noo Yoik

Bite London

The competition in Europe is really split down the middle. Clearly the youth of the British side is holding them back, however some of the veteran competitors are helping the field make some positive progress. Berry (top), Stewart and Lederer (see “best of the rest” below) are all already presenting themselves as the real threats and have a respectable top-lip covering only a week and a half in. We’re questioning whether the other guys realised Movember means they need to stop shaving.

london Week 2


Bite San Francisco

The strongest showing to-date is unquestionably coming from the West coast of the United states. Mack (top) has an air of frenchman with his unashamedly wispy effort. Rank outsider Clark (2nd from top) has proved that even the smoothest men can muster the fuzz while McLernon (bottom) is a ‘hairs’ breadth away from claiming the “Man of Movember” title with a full two weeks left to play.

sf week 2


The Best of the Rest

So there were several folk who, through sheer laziness, missed out on week 1 pics. These handsome gentlemen are highlighted below and, as you’ll see, there is some SERIOUS competition from all locations. Interestingly the race for the wooden spoon (that’s finishing last for you Americans) is already underway with CEO Clive (center) and Global Director Grant (bottom right) duking it out for the title of “least hairy face in christendom’. Ari on the other hand (bottom left) is so confident of victory that he’s shaved for the last two weeks to give everyone else a fair crack of the whip.

best of the rest

more hairy (and hair-free) men of bite

Race to the Mo looks like it could be going down to the wire. More updates to follow.


2 responses to “Global Mo Update

  1. West Side!

    Bill and Will…you guys better start the testosterone shots…

    I’d also like to add that, aside from James’ fraudulent fund raising efforts, I am the number one cash contender.

  2. I can’t believe I am now classed as a veteran. Has anyone got one of those air guns they kill cattle with? I might as well end it now.

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