Week 3 Mo’gress Update

It’s starting to get hairy in here. After 17 days of growth, Bite men across the globe are veering between looking debonair and homeless. Our fundraising efforts  now total over $5K globally which puts us halfway through the month and halfway to our target (reminder – you can still donate to the US here and the UK here). However what you all care about is how we’re looking so please find below this weeks mo’gress update and – most importantly – the clearest indication yet of who the front runners are for that coveted title of “Bite Man of Movember”. Our office by office run-down begins with….

Bite London

Bite London lads show off their caterpillars

It’s a fiercely competitive crowd at Bite UK. Despite there being a prevalence of goatee’s (presumably in an effort to minimize ridicule which, as we outlined at the start of this competition, is actually cheating), there’s no denying that there’s hair out there. Tom Berry (bottom row, second from left), recapturing the magic of his borstal mugshot, cuts an intimidating figure while Lambert (bottom row, second from right) still refuses to be pictured above the nose until we find trace of a muzzy.  Honorable mention also goes to Clive (bottom right)…yes, because he’s the CEO but more importantly because this picture shows him as the East End market trader we all knew he could be.

Front Runner – Matt Stewart: Although there’s still time for Berry to snatch back the lead, as it stands Stewart’s fully developed ginger handlebar is, by a narrow margin, the most impressive showing from blighty. This man reeks of “quiet confidence”

Next up…

New York

East Coast Competition...

So despite initial growth spurts, progress seems to have slowed a little in New York. Mills’ (left) is still strong and, most importantly, well landscaped. Basford (middle) seems to be going for his own interpretation of Zorr0 while Walker (right) has finally realised the inherent patchiness of his facial hair means he’s required to attempt the widest and least symettrical handlebar in the history of the competition. 

Front Runner – Ari Entin: Ari joined the competition late but his position as leader of the pack should come as no surprise given his natural hirsuiteness. His entry has yet to reach full stride however progress in a matter of a week has already intimidated his office colleagues into submission. 

And finally… 

San Francisco

and challengers from the West...

The West Coast puts out a talented team with three solid challengers for the San Francisco divisional title. Patel (bottom right) has played a low key game to date but is carrying his mo with a swagger; Clarke (top right), despite resembling a gypsy bare knuckle boxer, has found his muzzy far more impactful than his natural pheromones, or eharmony, in attracting the opposite sex while Chase (top row, second right) proves it is possible to wear a tash with style.

Front Runner – Tony Hynes: San Francisco General Manager Hynes has point blankly refused to be photographed till this moment and we now know why.  The “To-Mo” has had a mixed reception…clients call it “resplendent”…colleagues call it “suave”…his family call it “terrifying”.

13 days to go folks. Stay tuned to see how this one finishes.


6 responses to “Week 3 Mo’gress Update

  1. Call me a stickler (for a tickler) but isn’t that a “horseshoe” adorning Mr Stewart’s vivacious visage? The “handlebar” is worn horizontally across the upper lip, rather like.. well, handlebars.

    If you are likening said mo to the handlebars on a racing bike, I suggest the title “drop handlebar” to avoid further confusion / pedantry.

    Excellent effort all round though!

  2. details christopher, details.

  3. Im also not entirely convinced, Mr Johnson, that your effort complies with the rules. Get rid of the goatee and be proud of your mo.

  4. Leave him alone, he looks awesome with the goatee. And there’s still a tache attached.

    Concentrate on getting some growth yourself!


  5. Jonno, did you get your fiance to write in?

  6. Tony, can I get a number 2 with no onions and a large Coke?


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