Man of Movember 2009 Crowned!

Whether it was the weight of the campaigns or the weight of the tashes that finally swung it, who knows, but the polls have closed and after 30 days of fierce competition the results are in. The public has spoken and Bite Communications’ Man of Movember 2009 is…..

Ari, aged 28 from New York, was late to the game refusing to begin growing his mustache on his honeymoon (selfish) but achieved more in 19 days than most of us will manage in a lifetime. Here is the great mans progress over the last four weeks:

Entin's mo'volution, Weeks 2 - 5

A full Q&A with our winner will appear before the weeks through but, in the meantime, Ari went on the record as saying:

“I’d like to say I couldn’t have done it without your support but I could. This is the second happiest moment of my life, after getting my junior lifesaving badge in twelfth grade. Recognition from the people that matter is immense and, as tribute to the faith you’ve paid in me, I will be donating my mo to medical research.”


The final standings for Man of Movember are shown below and, as you can see, Ari ‘edged’ the rest of the field by a whopping 22%. Britain’s highest place contributor, Matt Stewart, was rumored to have been so devastated at his loss that he immediately, and furiously, beat his top lip stoat to death.

And, in a clean sweep for New York, the Boy of November 2009 was crownned as…


Matt, New York, aged 17 3/4, really came into his own over the last week of competition when the hairs on his muzzy actually started growing inwards. Basford led a strong campaign to win the hearts and minds of his adoring public

Basfords growth, weeks 1-5

“I normally don’t play games that I can’t win and this is no different. I played with Michael Jordan at Madison Squared Garden in 2005 but that doesn’t come anywhere near the elation I’m experiencing right now. I got here through a singular focus on my end goal and the mental strength to inhibit my mo from growing. This victory, however, has given me a taste for the main prize – watch your back guys, next year I’m going for the big one.”

The Boy of Movember field was a tighter run thing. Basford edged out Toronto’s Will Willis by just 9 percent.

It’s not over yet. Money is still pouring in ($9,798 globally at the last count) and we’re very aware we still haven’t shared our final final galery of all the Biters and their mo’s. Expect one, well maybe two, more posts before we let Movember 2009 slip from our grip forever.


One response to “Man of Movember 2009 Crowned!

  1. Impressive win Ari, but please get a new pose for next year.

    Blue Steel aint gonna cut it next time… 🙂

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