Meet The Team & Donate

Those of us at Bite and our brothers at 463 that will be partaking in the glorious act of becoming mustachioed men include, but likely will not be limited to the below. To donate to the team click here, however should you want to donate to an individual you think warrants the special attention please click on their picture below (note if an individual does not have a profile please donate to the team’s profile).


Fingers: A true English gent, that's confident he can grow a 'tash' resplendent enough to make the boys in the RAF back home proud.


Whitey/Student: He's just happy to be on a team...


Clarkey: Arguably this will be the largest growler he will ever have on his upper lip.

Will Willis

Will: People doubt his ability to compete, Will says he's been biding his time and working to leave his face as a blank space for this reason alone.

Sean Mills

Sean: At a distinct advantage as unlike most of his team members, he can actually grow a beard


Chaser: This trend setter is less worried about how big he can grow his crumb catcher and more concerned with how it suits his newest fedora.

Sean Gibson

Gibby: Mayor and king of GibbyLand, has the ability to do well in this competition if the stresses of kingdom don't get too him.


Mack Attack: A keen bird watcher, David hopes this will help him out in the "field"


Mat Small: Don't let the serene beauty of this clean-shaven man deceive you - he will have a crumb-catcher to be proud of in days of starting his campaign.


Tony: Our fearless leader and avid Dame Edna Evererage fan is no stranger to sporting outrageous lady ticklers in the past


McMatt: An investigation has already been launched into his ability to grow facial hair to fast. A penalty maybe imposed - watch this space.


Ari: This newly-wed is rumored to have been born with a moustache that made his dad go weak at the knees. To help other participants Ari should be forced to remain clean shaven until 12am ET Nov. 30


Basford: No wonder guessing what this man's super hero powers do


Ashish: Never, ever underestimate this man - he has the ability to make miracles happen.

Tom Galvin is also taking part and as soon as we have an appropriate image it will be posted along with the others.


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