What’s the best way to offset a mo?

Three piece Mos

I’ve been experimenting with the suit-mo combo. I reckon the three-piece is the best for the Edwardian look, although I thought the Tony tux look was particularly fetching at the PRCA awards.

What goes well with a mo stateside?

By the way the UK is creeping up on the US in the fundraising stakes. It’s going to be a close-run thing, but be assured Blighty will triumph.



Global Mo Update

As we enter the second week of Movember, no doubt you’re all wondering how Tash’s are progressing across Bite’s respective geographies. As expected, the packs are separating into the mens men and the boys boys. To allow easy evaluation of muzzy development we have included day zero pics alongside today’s (day 11). In some cases, it’s not easy to spot the difference.

A office by office account of progress can be found below. If you have yet to donate, we would hugely grateful if you could support the brits here and the yanks here on their respective quests for crumb catchers.

Bite New York

(Attempted) handlebar is clearly the theme on the East coast as Walker and Mills (middle) have both opted to try and grow hairy droopers. Basford has gone for a slightly more fashionable trimmed jonny depp effort while Willis (bottom) got bored and shaved his off yesterday for being too “mossy”. Will will probably be the only man to have grown two mustaches for charity this month

NY Week 2

Noo Yoik

Bite London

The competition in Europe is really split down the middle. Clearly the youth of the British side is holding them back, however some of the veteran competitors are helping the field make some positive progress. Berry (top), Stewart and Lederer (see “best of the rest” below) are all already presenting themselves as the real threats and have a respectable top-lip covering only a week and a half in. We’re questioning whether the other guys realised Movember means they need to stop shaving.

london Week 2


Bite San Francisco

The strongest showing to-date is unquestionably coming from the West coast of the United states. Mack (top) has an air of frenchman with his unashamedly wispy effort. Rank outsider Clark (2nd from top) has proved that even the smoothest men can muster the fuzz while McLernon (bottom) is a ‘hairs’ breadth away from claiming the “Man of Movember” title with a full two weeks left to play.

sf week 2


The Best of the Rest

So there were several folk who, through sheer laziness, missed out on week 1 pics. These handsome gentlemen are highlighted below and, as you’ll see, there is some SERIOUS competition from all locations. Interestingly the race for the wooden spoon (that’s finishing last for you Americans) is already underway with CEO Clive (center) and Global Director Grant (bottom right) duking it out for the title of “least hairy face in christendom’. Ari on the other hand (bottom left) is so confident of victory that he’s shaved for the last two weeks to give everyone else a fair crack of the whip.

best of the rest

more hairy (and hair-free) men of bite

Race to the Mo looks like it could be going down to the wire. More updates to follow.

Movember 4th Newsflash

First off, perusing reception’s magazine collection this morning i was delighted to see that Time Magazine had entered into the spirit of Movember with this cover…

time magazine

Time Mo'gazine

You really know a movement’s taken off when the biggest news magazine in the world chooses to deface a Wall Street bigwig in the name of charidee*

Secondly, I received this image via email this morning:


Dog Mo

The defacement of my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel calender in San Francisco has been a monthly tradition since i put it up in January. God bless the creative soul who added what appears to be a textured twirler to this fella.

Finally, i stumbled across this pic on Bite’s official Bitemarks blog earlier today:

lederer mo

Lederer Mo

Stateside, we’d like to offer our congrats to Tony. He has stayed under the radar in the run up to the competition but is clearly cultivating something quite special on that top lip – not to mention the fact that he adorned it to a PR awards ceremony. Unless, he’s actually not partaking in Movember and has been growing that caterpillar just for the helluvit. In which case, congrats on just being manly.

In fundraising news we’re holding steady at the 1K mark. That’s 10% of the target and 13% of the month gone. Dig deep and sponsor here.

*Note this issue of Time Magazine is actually nothing to do with Movember. Something about why everyone hates Wall Street. Just thought it fitted nicely with the theme

Beards – The poor man’s mo

Don’t know much about the moustache and what it stands for? Then I suggest you read below for some interesting and quite honestly, fun facts below. That is all.


  1. Women are most attracted to men with Mo’s
  2. Mo’s are sported by over 3.5 million adult males and some females in Eastern Europe
  3. Mo’s make you look stronger and will scare off any opponent. Beards are for weak and lame
  4. Gentlemen have always worn Mo’s. The term barbarian was applied to men who wore beards, because they were a lesser type of man
  5. A Mo will make you richer. Beards are for beggars
  6. Mo’s make you smarter
  7. In Russia, Peter the Great taxed men who wore beards but men with Mo’s were untaxed
  8. Spanish proverb – “A kiss without a Mo, is like an egg without salt”
  9. People will view a man with a Mo as an educated man
  10. You don’t know until you grow
  11. There are between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on a man’s face
  12. In 1967 The Beatles gave away cardboard Mo’s with their album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  13. In a deck of cards the King of Hearts is the only king without a moustache

And they’re off…

The top lips of Bite gentlemen far and wide enjoyed their last contact with a razor blade for 30 days this weekend as the highly anticipated month of Movember got underway. We thought this presented the ideal opportunity to give you the inside track on the runners and riders in this years competition. A form guide, by office, can be found below:

Bite UK: Berry, xx, Salmon, Lambert, xx

Bite UK: (clockwise from top left) Berry, Lawal, Moorer, Lambert, Salmon

Bite UK: Although there are some question marks over exactly when members of the London office stopped shaving/started cheating it is unquestionably a strong opening. After only forty eight hours in the trenches UK team captain Tom Berry is already well on his way to cultivating the perfect Merv Hughes. But remember, two days does not a Movember make.

Bite NY: Walker, Mills, Basford, Mack

Bite NY: Walker, Mills, Basford, Mack

Bite New York: There could be one or two real contenders in this office. Mack, making a guest appearance on the East Coast, has already amassed more hair on his face than he has on his head while Mills is clearly smugly biding his time before sprouting really hits fifth gear. Basford and Fingers, however, are just hoping puberty kicks in sooner rather than later.

Bite SF: White, Clarke, McLernon

Bite SF: White, Clarke, McLernon

Bite SF: Already criticized for having a few star performers but lacking any real strength in depth, the West Coast has fielded a mixed bag for its opening shot. Matt McStache was shaving while still in the womb; Whitey has spent many years cultivating the perfect homeless look while Clarkey normally goes no more than a day without running a damp flannel across his face to get rid of any excess fluff. Watch these guys – there could be a potential all star in their midst.

Two days in, twenty-eight to go. Oh, don’t forget to donate – we have already hit $1,000…only $9,000 to go

Meaning Behind the Mo

Ladies and gentlemen (yes, all genders are welcome), start your hairy engines – the great month of Movember is upon us. Gone are the clean shaven boy scouts of Bite, replaced by the grizzled men of the ‘tache. While our efforts (some better than others) to grow this symbol of manliness will be well documented in embarrassing fashion, let us not forget the meaning of the mo. Prostate cancer affects 1 in 6 American men over their lifetime and 8,400 new cases of testicular cancer have been reported in 2009 alone. Both of these diseases are menacing and their ill effects reach far and wide. But, if there’s one thing to know about the men of Bite – it’s that we’re not afraid of a fight.

The Movember organization describes the role of the moustache like this: “A Mo Bro is a walking billboard for the cause as his new look opens the door for him to talk about cancers affecting men – making the moustache a symbol, much like the pink ribbon is for breast cancer.”

This effort shines a necessary light on men’s health issues, helping us band together to fight the good fight. This strikes a particular cord in my own personal battle, taking on testicular cancer only a couple short months ago. For those who have had a similar unfortunate experience, you know the battle is never truly over, as cancer has a unique ability to come back for more after you think you have it down. Well, as they say, there’s power in numbers, and thanks to your support (donation page here), we’re able to unite with our hairy upper lips to conquer this beast.

Please help us in whatever way you can. The cause is noble (donations specifically reach the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation), and we promise to have some fun along the way. May the best (and worst) ‘tache win!

Matt Basford

Choose your weapons

Firstly, a note to say thanks to everybody for their contributions so far. Fundraising for only 36 hours and we’ve raised nearly $600 which is huge. Those that have yet to donate and wish to do so, please visit here.

Secondly there have been several queries this week regarding what is and isn’t acceptable during the month of Movember. To clarify – YOU NEED TO GROW A MOUSTACHE. None of this grow a full face of facial hair so you look slightly less ridiculous then shaving all but your top lip on November 30th…from day 1 your cheeks and chin need to be bare and they need to stay that way. Remember, looking ridiculous is all part of the fun.

And finally, thirdly – for any Bite gentlemen struggling with exactly what their chosen muzzy design is going to be, i have included below a handy style guide. Be inspired and choose carefully:


Enjoy that last full shave tomorrow.

T-minus 1 day and counting