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Global Mo Update – Week 4

It’s been a frenetic 7 days of competition since our last mo’gress update and, with just 120 hours of growth time left until we call Movember proceedings to a halt, its time to look at the leaderboard in a little more detail.

However, before we do, lets not forget that this is a charity effort. To date, the US and UK offices combined have raised a whopping $7,058.87 (4,225 pounds) for prostate cancer and LIVESTRONG. However that is still 3K off our grand target of $10,000 (or, depending on how you look at it, $2,000 more than the actual target we agreed before a member of the Mo team got confused, doubled it, then emailed the world.) Regardless, Thanks to everyone that’s donated to date. Those that are still feeling generous, can give to the US team here and the UK team here.

Anyway, back to that leaderboard…

The Leaders

#1: Antony Hynes Esq, Bite San Francisco: despite some stiff competition, Tony’s retaining top spot on the West Coast. He’s been likened to a fast food chef, 70’s sports commentator and truck driver however, with this morning’s adornment of green headwear, there’s only one true comparison.

Tone reconsiders that career as a plumber

The smart money is still on Hynes to take the title.

#2. Thomas Plainview Berry Jnr, Bite London: Tom lost top spot in the regional London heat last week but has regained the lead thanks largely thanks to the rest of the challengers forgetting to submit a pic. Tom is promising extensive grooming, trimming and waxing over the next few days for the final presentation on Monday.

Tom does his best "Day-Lewis"

He has also assured us that There Will Be Blood if that doesn’t help him take top spot overall.

#3. Ari Entin, Bite New York: The week didn’t get off to the best start for Entin being asked on Monday if “Ari was a girls name?” (short for Ariana?) however things have improved dramatically pre-Thanksgiving with him retaining the New York lead and moving into third spot globally. Let’s not forget Ari didn’t even enter the race till November 10th and has still eclipsed most of the pack AND still has a very real chance of challenging for the #1 spot.

Entin and the Bandit

Okay, so the final lookey like was weak but its the best I could do under pressure.

The Challengers

Hovering just outside are these four characters. Judged on volume, consistency and design they’re outside bets for the title but any one could still break into the top 3. 

Lederer - McLernon - Mack - Patel (grimace optional)

Lederer is solid. McLernon and Patel both look like they could wear muzzy’s any month of the year and still get away with it. Mack just looks like he should be kept away from polite society and animals.

And the Rest

The rest of the field presents no real challenge for the official title of “Man of Movember” however we guess you want to see them anyway:

Best of the Rest

And yes, Matt Basford (2nd from top, far right) really does wear a bandana when he’s outside the workplace. Tune in next Monday for the final global update where Bite Communications “Mr Movember 2009” will be crowned.  We are already on the edge of our seats.

As a footnote, Bite San Francisco held a hugely entertaining Mo Party last night to bump up the coffers. I will, however, save those highlights for a separate post.